What It Would Be Like To Date ‘HP’ Characters

Note: Lessons often lead to sex. Either you see his thoughts, or he sees yours. You had , after all, publicly claimed him as yours. Again, you hold a special place in his heart. Whenever he hears you call his name, he instantly melts. Anyone else even attempts it? Instant hex. Whether it be his rooms at Hogwarts or another secret location, the thought of your shared bed always brings an ache to his heart. As such, Severus loves to bask in the knowledge that when you talk about home, you really mean him. How about a smile?

dating severus snape would include

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Dating Snape as a Gryffindor would involve: • Making the most sarcastic comments about people on the street. • Rough, but passionate.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. Search this site. Part 1. Part 2. Epilogue: Nineteen Years Later. Harry remained kneeling at Snape’s side, simply staring down at him, until quite suddenly a high, cold voice spoke so close to them that Harry jumped on his feet, the flask gripped tightly in his hands, thinking that Voldemort had reentered the room. Voldemort’s voice reverberated from the walls and floor, and Harry realized that he was talking to Hogwarts and to all the surrounding area, that the residents of Hogsmeade and all those still fighting in the castle would hear him as clearly as if he stood beside them, his breath on the back of their necks, a deathblow away.

Lord Voldemort knows how to value bravery. If you continue to resist me, you will all die, one by one. I do not wish this to happen. Every drop of magical blood spilled is a loss and a waste. I command my forces to retreat immediately. Dispose of your dead with dignity. Treat your injured.

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Being Snape’s daughter and dating Fred would include: Fred not trusting you at first; Cause you’re a Slytherin. And the teacher that he hates is your dad.

I want to look at Snape to try and answer this question: Did Snape feel an attraction for Lily and what light might this shed on Snape’s ultimate loyalties? Severus and Lily could have formed a friendship, or perhaps even more. If he did love Lily, he would desire revenge against James for taking her from him, and would stop at nothing to remove all human obstacles that stood between them, including the infant Harry. Before he passed the critical information of the prophecy to Lord Voldemort, Snape could have turned the situation to his own advantage, using it as an opportunity to remove James and have Lily.

As we will see, Voldemort’s murder of Lily could quite possibly have guaranteed Snape’s ultimate choice of the Order over the Death Eaters. We know from Slughorn that both Lily and Snape excelled at potions, so, mudblood or not, Severus would undoubtedly hold much respect for her abilities and have something in common with her.

As well as her potion’s ability, Lily was a beautiful girl. Even Severus Snape would notice her beauty. We also know from Sirius that James and Lily only started dating in their seventh year. That leaves a two-year window between Snape’s worst memory witnessed by Harry in the Pensieve, and James and Lily getting together.

10 Reasons Draco Malfoy Would Make A Better Boyfriend Than Harry Potter

But, then, certain allowances must be made. In structure, the story is a pure Snapefic, rather than a romantic interplay between the two main characters. In fact, more accurately it is a love letter to the reader with Hermione serving as a stand-in. But the ideas so explored, and the elegance of the writing was more than enough to open the popular imagination to possibilities not tapped by the fairly crude earlier work which prompted it. This would probably be an appropriate place for me to add my own two cents on fanfic romance in general, including the requisite side note regarding slash:.

Why would Snape risk blowing his shot at making things right just Although Lily and James didn’t start dating until two years after she ended.

There are no words to express how shocked and devastated I am to hear of Alan Rickman’s death. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos Alan Rickman’s most memorable characters Rowling tweeted Thursday. Fans had lost “a great talent,” she said, and his family “have lost a part of their hearts.

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Originally posted by xpolyjuicepotion. Fun fact! You absolute numbskulls! They look at each other with what ifs and could haves and hearts full of regret.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. But why would he still be considered well informed about the Order and Ministry’s plans now that both believe him to be a Death Eater who murdered Dumbledore? Dumbledore via his Force Ghost portrait did – which you even mention in the question. In the specific case you mention, it isn’t so much that Snape was well informed, as that he planted the idea himself: Snape confunded Mundungus to plant the idea to use polyjuice potion.

During that time, he could have either extracted the date from Mundunges, or planted a suggestion for the date. Couldn’t say about the Ministry guys, but in the Order, it has been mentioned many times, that if Dumbledore trusts Snape completely, there is no reason for others not to.

Alan Rickman, Snape in ‘Harry Potter’ films, dies at 69

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It would be useful to playback my flying techniques. Professor Snape of course. He’s head of Who would you pick to put bulbadox powder in their pajamas?

Harry Potter! The boy who lived. You just have that something something, that made the most tragically popular boy in school to notice you. You must have had some scarring or suffered a loss in the past just like Harry, because you two are made for each other. You seem to attract the immature mean boy, kind of like Ron Weasley. Things would be rocky at first because Ron is sitting on a gold mine of insecurities, but your love will soon blossom into a beautiful, caring love.

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